Benefit from our experience

1. Save money on staff salaries and overheads

2. Gain additional skills
Marketing Methods can assist organisations with existing marketing teams by providing additional resources when yours are stretched, or skill sets in areas that are not currently possessed by your team. We can dip in and dip out of your business as required. Let us help your existing team to help you achieve your stated business goals and objectives.

3. Fresh eyes and ears bring fresh ideas
Our marketing team can also provide different perspectives or insights when undertaking competitor analysis on your behalf.

4. Upskill your personnel
Have your personnel trained to conduct their own marketing activities and gain an understanding of how marketing can benefit your entire organisation.

5. Let us be your marketing team
Marketing Methods can be your marketing team. We will familiarise ourselves with your business, then manage projects on your behalf. This can be especially beneficial when particular projects need a degree of confidentiality or separation from your organisation. For example, understanding your customers' perception of your organisation may be difficult with customers either unwilling to be totally open or your team being too close to the coalface. The knowledge gained from customers could benefit your company in a number of areas. It may assist you to develop new products or services or delete products which are becoming obsolete, set new customer service standards, identify new opportunities for growth, or even help to make a decision on where the promotional dollars should be spent.

6. Confidentiality and trust

7. Understanding of your customers

8. Knowing what your competitors are up to

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